Little Forest Preschool (LFP) is a half-day, nature immersion preschool for children ages 2-5. This program was created to be a place where children feel a deep sense of belonging in the natural world and within a community of people. All learning will take place outside whenever possible. Each week children will have lots of time to play. They will also engage in language, math, music, service learning, art, gardening and daily choice time experiences.

Teaching children to care for themselves and others is the primary focus of LFP. Loving and caring interactions with others will be role modeled and practiced. Expressing feelings with words and practicing empathy will be highlighted.  LFP will feel like a family where we support each other when we make mistakes and encourage each child to be their best.

LFP was founded by Deb Long who has 9 years of experience teaching preschool and Kindergarten and over 5 years experience as an outdoor educator and counselor.