Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-9:30 Outside Play Outside Play Outside Play Outside Play Outside Play
9:30-9:40 Morning Meeting Morning Meeting Morning Meeting Morning Meeting Morning Meeting
9:40-10:30 Language/Fine Motor Math/Gross Motor Language/Fine Motor Math/Gross Motor Language/Fine Motor
10:30-11:00 snack/outside play snack/outside play snack/outside play snack/outside play snack/outside play
11:00-11:30 Art Music Garden/Nature Service/Yoga Fire Ceremony
11:30-12:00 outside play  outside play  outside play  outside play  outside play 
12:00-12:50 reflection/lunch reflection/lunch reflection/lunch reflection/lunch reflection/lunch

Morning Meeting—Each day will start with a morning meeting where we connect, celebrate, sing and give thanks.  This will set the tone of each day in a positive way and allow us to grow together as a community that feels like family. 

9:40-10:30 Learning Time—This time will start with journals each day. Journaling allows children to work at their own pace and level and develops handwriting/prewriting skills. Topics will reflect the natural environment and learning goals of the day.  Some children may do shorter activities and some children will explore longer on different concepts in small groups. Letter and number recognition, handwriting, math concepts and reading readiness will be taught during this time. This will always include fine motor activities and often sensory and music too. 

Outside Play Stations—Different elements will be added to the outdoor environment during this time to encourage creative, imaginative dramatic play. Some examples include loose parts, dress up, baby dolls, building materials, sensory bins, magnetic builders, trains, cars and other well loved preschool items. 

Field TripsWe will take at least one field trip each month to local gardens, parks and outdoor spaces. Examples include: Botanical Gardens, Woodlands Garden, Mulberry Fields, Lake Claire Land Trust, Hidden Cove Park, Oakhurst Gardens and more.

Sensory Activities—Attaching sensory information to a learning experience makes it more memorable, and focusing on the senses relaxes and quiets the mind and body.  Sensory activities will be interwoven throughout the day. There is a sensory table available for water, sand, mud or creative play. 

EnrichmentWe will provide students with music, art, yoga, gardening and social/emotional skills practice. Additionally we will complete one service project each semester. Examples of this include: assembling bags of needed supplies for people experiencing homelessness, working to improve our own environment by creating a vegetable garden or fairy garden, helping to identify and meet the needs of trees in our play space by removing Ivey, adding soil to eroding root areas or planting trees etc.

Extras — We will invite community members to visit us such as musicians, farmers, firefighters, naturalists, arborists and more. We will also fit these fun activities on a regular basis: cooking, nature walks, guest, puppet shows, games etc. 

Group Singing and Storytelling—Part of every day, songs and stories are used in so many ways: to inspire, teach, set the mood, practice listening skills, bring a group together, and more. 

Fire Ceremony and Reflection—Each day we will share our favorite parts and recall and celebrate the positive things that have happened in our daily interactions and experiences! We have a reflection around an open fire every Friday.