Little Forest Preschool is a half day (9-12:50) preschool. There will be two classes, one class for students aged 3-5 and one class of students who are 2.

***Depending on interest for the 2020/21 school year, there may be an opportunity for a 5-7 year old class. 

Two levels of enrollment are offered for the 3-5 class. 

5 day cooperative = $400/month (only 5 spots available) – ***Cooperative parents will be responsible for working one day each week.

5 day standard = $550/month

4 day and 2 day enrollments are allowed in the 2s class. 

4 day enrollment is $500

2 day enrollment is $310

* Please e-mail if you are interested in a different number of days of enrollment.   This may be allowed depending on availability and family interest.

To enroll please e-mail Ms. Deb at