“Little Forest preschool was the top choice for our outdoorsy, nature loving family. Every day when I pick up my daughter I fall more in love with the school, the children, the parents, along with the community of kindness, tolerance, and acceptance it fosters. I’ve picked apart multiple preschools my oldest has attended and truly have nothing I’d change about LFP – I only wish it had been around for my son. This school is the epitome of what childhood should be and a rock solid foundation for life.”
-Ashley Gjoka
“Little Forest is such a great fit for my adventurous son. The children are approached with empathy, respect, and kindness, and they see a love of nature and an attitude of mindfulness modeled for them every day. I love that the children have so much time to just play, use their imaginations, interact with each other, explore, and problem solve, but they also have intentional exposure to structured learning activities. As a teacher myself, I so appreciate that these young students’ first encounters with academic instruction are fun, engaging, tactile, and relaxed, and that there is such an emphasis on social-emotional learning. Along with numbers, letters, music, and art, my son is learning so much about how to be a friend, resolve conflict, and manage his emotions. We love Little Forest Preschool!”
-Melissa Westbrook
Little Forest Preschool has been a great start to help our son in school. Each day he recounts his adventures collecting worms, identifying plants, nature hikes, and always playing. We will send our little girls when they are old enough. Ms Deb’s compassion for each child and passion for education create the perfect environment for learning.”
-Katie Day
Ms. Cassi is a born educator with an obvious love for both the children and the process of engaging them in learning!  She is encouraging, nurturing and challenging.  She knows my child and what he needs.  She exudes warmth, enthusiasm, creativity and a passion for teaching.  We are so grateful for her, we couldn’t have dreamed of a better teacher!”
Katherine Moses
Cassi taught my 6- and 4- year-old sons, and I can’t say enough positive things about her. She is able to tailor her teaching to meet each child where they are, taking into account not just their age and “grade” level, but also their personality, their interests, and their unique styles of learning. She creates projects and learning opportunities that match up with the children’s interests, and they have so much fun that they don’t even know they are learning! The Eureka Math and the Orton Gillingham methods that Cassi utilize have worked wonders for my older son this year. What’s more, Cassi instills in each child confidence in themselves as people in the world, and a care and concern for their peers that is evident in how they interact with one another.”
-Meg Pease