Little Forest School (LFS) is a nature immersion school. We offer half-day enrollment for children ages 2-6 and a full day program for students from 5-10. It was created to be a place where children feel a deep sense of belonging in the natural world and within a community of people. All learning will take place outside whenever possible, rain or shine. We wear lots of layers, move our bodies a lot and stay in the sun in the colder months. We stay in the shade, incorporate lots of water and ice play and focus on fine motor activities in the warmer months. We wear full rain suits and boots on the rainy days and put up tarps to eat under. We will spend about 90% or more of our days outside and reserve inside for high winds, rain under 50 degrees or thunder and lighting.

Teaching children to care for themselves, others and the natural world is the primary focus of LFS. Loving and caring interactions are role modeled and practiced. Expressing feelings with words and practicing empathy will be highlighted.  LFS will feel like a family where we support each other when we make mistakes and encourage each child to be their best.

LFS was founded in 2017 by Deb Long who has been teaching preschool and Kindergarten since 2011 and has over 5 years experience as an outdoor educator and counselor for students between 11-18.