The grounds at The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany are vast and include 4 acres of land. Each class has a designated outdoor area and there is an additional forest area to be used for our ‘forest days’ and fire ceremonies.

There is a large courtyard at the entrance of the building. We may eat lunch, play running games, climb trees, create chalk art, pick service berries or enjoy community visitors in this area.

There is a memorial garden that holds a water feature, winding sidewalks, sitting benches, grassy patches and beautiful landscaping that reflect the native plants of Georgia. We use this area for nature walks, yoga and story time.

Additionally there is a very large meadow named the Byrd Land that gets lots of sunlight in the lower section and an abundance of shade in the top section. We use this area for community gatherings such as our monthly community fire ceremony, our lantern walk, yoga and music class and running games. Often classes may eat lunch in this area and the older class enjoys weekly sit spots (nature meditation) here.

Lastly there is a meditation garden that has sitting benches nestled within more native Georgia vegetation. We may gather here for a picnic lunch, story time, morning circle or to explore.