Some elements of our playground space such as toys and sensory bin contents will rotate on a regular basis, but these basic elements are always present in each outdoor classroom:


Mudpie Kitchen – With water constantly running, the ways to play are endless. You can cook up a stew, a potion, make mud at anytime or just have the option to wash your hands whenever needed.

Sandbox – A sandbox is located in each main play space with lots of open-ended tools. One space has a sand box made out of a 17 foot canoe.

Picnic Tables – Picnic tables are used for learning center activities, art, sensory activities and more. Each classroom has at least 2 picnic tables. Children may also use these tables during playtime.

Art Tables – Art table may be used for many things, but we will often do messy art activities and painting on this table.

Easel – A double sided easel is always available for painting or dry erase marker creations.

Morning Meeting Gathering Stumps – We will use these as our sitting stumps for morning meeting, if we need a class meeting at any time, for music class or any other time we need to gather together. Children can also use this area for climbing and jumping when we aren’t meeting there together.

Garden – We will have an ongoing garden that the children may visit, observe and water during their open play times.

Playground Structure – There is a large wooden play structure that is located on the main playground of the 3-5 year old class. It boasts of 3 slide options, a wooden suspension bridge, climbing bars, covered treehouse areas and a large tunnel.  Though the 3-5 class usually is using this area, the other classes have weekly designated times they also are able to visit and enjoy the structure.