Summer Camps are all from 8:30-12:20.

May 29-June 2 (4 days- $160)

Weaving Wonders: Explore weaving art creations, weave story tales together, and learn about nature's wild weaving wonders! With the forest as  our loom and the sky's our limit, we will weave grass, straw and words into beautiful masterpieces. From spinning yarn spider webs in the trees to creating flower tapestries by the meadow we will be busy weaving fun and  nature together  all week long.  


June 5-9 (5 days -$200)

Fire & Ice: Get ready to cool off with icy investigations and brighten your days with solar powered science fun! We’ll build a DIY solar oven to bake  s'mores, create solar crayons  and sun prints, test scientific theories and make colorful creations with ice and other cool materials. We'll have fun in the sun while keeping ourselves cool!


June 12-16 (5 days -$200)

Science and Nature Art: Paint with branch paintbrushes, create on tree trunk canvases, make veggie nature stamps, and more as we investigate the rainbow connection between nature and art. Learn the science behind the beauty as you brew colorful bubbly potions, create chilly sculptures, and try your hand at wax resist art. We will be natural scientists and artists at the same time as we take a trip somewhere over the rainbow.


June 19-23 (5 days -$200)

Exploring Gardens and Compost: Dig deep into the world of gardening, wiggle with the worms and discover how food scraps turn into rich soil perfect for planting. All five of your senses will bloom beautifully as we explore edible plants and investigate the textures, scents, sounds, and colors of plants from seed to blossom. We’ll harvest herbs, plant flowers, build greenhouses and more as we get to the root of gardening. 


June 26-30 (5 days -$200)

Animal Adventures: Build bird nests, dig worm tunnels, and splash in a play pond  as we explore animal habitats and make our own. We’ll dance like bees then build a hexagon hive, make holes in wood like carpenter bees, and turn over stumps and logs to investigate the worlds beneath them. Get ready to act  like animals and use natural materials to make homes, visit with the critters we  share our forest with and relax with animal inspired yoga as we discover amazing animal abilities.

If you are not a currently enrolled student and interested in attending summer camp, please hop over to the enrollment page and fill out an application via the link at the bottom of the page. After you have completed that step, please email [email protected] to confirm availability and pay.