****Weeks 1-3 are full. Weeks 4 and 5 have openings.

Summer Camps are all from 8:30-12:20.

Week 1: Earth, Wind and Fire

May 28-May 31 (4 days- $160)

Explore Earth’s treasures, discover what’s blowing in the forest wind, and get cozy by the campfire. Sing songs and tell tales around your faux fire, cool off as the summer breeze moves your creations, and dig into Earth friendly art with nature collages.

Week 2:  Bugs, Habitats and Art

June 3-7 (5 days -$200)

Chirp with the crickets, fly with the butterflies, and wiggle with the worms as you visit with the bugs who call our forest home. Weave a spider web, make an ant hill, build a beehive and create bug inspired art as your creativity glows like fireflies in the night sky.

Week 3: Sun, Moon and Stars

June 10-14 (5 days -$200)

Twinkle like a star, shine like the sun, and howl at the moon as we explore the sensational summer sky. Cool off with constellation freeze dance, hunt for moon rocks, catch the sun, and decorate a telescope to investigate the wonders above the forest.

Week 4: Mind, Body and Movement

June 17-21 (5 days -$200)

Dance like the wind, sway like the trees, and flow like raindrops as we move naturally, practice mindfulness, and create together. Wiggle your mind through nature poems and outdoor art, stretch your body through yoga poses and soar through animal games in our peaceful forest. 

Week 5: Cooking with Nature

June 24-28 (5 days -$200)

Cook up fresh forest food with a scoop of nature’s ingredients, a sprinkle of creativity, and a dash of laughter mixed with your five senses. Experiment with herbs and spices, play in the mud kitchen, and follow simple recipes to make lemonade, pine tea and more refreshing summer treats as an outdoor chef.


If you are not a currently enrolled student and interested in attending summer camp, please enroll here. After you have completed that step, please email [email protected] to confirm availability and pay.